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In Memory of Joyce Laughery

2/26/48 - 1/12/07

"The Rose Still Grows"

Hi,...My name is Joyce Laughery I owned and operated "The Mobile Groomer" in the Olathe, Ks. and surrounding area for 13 yrs. Then I had a stationary shop called and the Pet Laundry in Kansas City, Ks. until May 29,2004. I originally started out grooming in Vet's offices for about 9 years. I groomed peoples pets for over 20 years all told.

I am married to my "best friend" Terry.
Here is a link to our Wedding Photo taken 5/15/93.

Terry can do just about anything , including a very decent grooming job. But by trade, he was a Trim Carpenter, and some of the houses he has trimmed have won the Gold and Silver awards in our "Tours of Homes" here, and I'm very proud of that.

In Dec. of 1997 Terry had a massive heart attack, and now can no longer do carpentry work. My fiesty little Irishman never quits though.He became quite proficient working in my shop, plus he completed schooling in July of 2000 to become a "Corrections Officer" for the State of Kansas. He worked at that for a year, then applied for and got a job as a Wyandotte County Park Ranger in July of 2001. He had to attend a police academy in Hutchinson for 9 weeks, to keep that job, and he MADE IT through! He now has a totally new profession!

I have 2 grown sons, and Terry has 1 grown son.

In the Chat room I usually go by the nickname "Joycee"

Grooming has always been a rather lonely profession for me,not that I mind being alone that much, I do my best work when undisturbed,but I've always been rather appalled at the misinformation, old wives tales,and etc. that surround our profession (and much of it still being handed down from the "Gods in White Coats" veterinarians. Sorry guys, but lets face it, grooming is not one of the things they teach in Vet School.)

I've always believed though that these things could only be dispelled by groomers taking a polite united stand. Each one of us taking it upon ourselves to be a "One Man Army"is what has earned us a lot of our bad press, and our nervous breakdowns!

See The Goose Story for more on THAT subject!

Early in my career I contacted the NDGAA, and got information from them about how to get a local "Groomers Assn" started. It was pretty overwhelming though to think about getting meetings together,finding a place to have them, getting the other groomers to give up some of their precious family time to attend them, and so on.

With the start of the WorldWide Web Pages my dreams have been realized in the biggest possible way! I have been fortunate enough grant all the groomers in the world, a lively, active groomers association that's available to them 24 Hrs. a day, 7 days a week. There's no need to leave the house or even get out of their pajamas to participate in it.
Its only a few keystrokes away! Enjoy!!

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