The Cape and Tiara Society

The Cape and Tiara Society (C.A.T.S.) is a grooming community group based on fun and friendship that promotes the "pay it forward" philosophy of doing something to help another person, and encouraging them to do the same for everybody else. The unconditional favors can be large or small, but the aim is always to help, support, educate, inspire, and to otherwise brighten another's day!

Cheri Rehr is the founder of the Cape and Tara Society. Many of us consider her to be our Fairy Groom Mother! You might have spotted her on Facebook, The Groomers Lounge where she goes by doggie_in_the_window, or a grooming show wearing her tiara. Yes! That’s her! Cheri has a heart that’s made of gold. She sprinkles love wherever she goes with her magic wand, promoting good will and sister/brotherhood for all us groomers.

We can help Cheri support our fellow groomers in need of a smile or moral support. Cheri once said, “I believe each of us has the power to make others feel good. Even something as simple as a card can impact somebody’s life. I want people to realize that it doesn’t take much to make a difference and anyone can make a difference.”

You can learn more about the Cape and Tiara Society and keep up with their missions at The Cape and Tiara Society section of the BBS.

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