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Icky eyesastewa14 12-4-11  3:42 pm
Severe Trauma to the Eyeold_dog11-21-11  12:46 pm
Ear Cropping bluebonbon76 8-10-11  10:01 pm
Plucking and infected earsmarymouse7-6-11  5:56 pm
What's your favorite ear powder?amysuz17 10-6-10  3:52 pm
Tear stains..I think?doggygirl10 7-21-10  5:26 pm
Scabs in ears?? Advice neededlouie3-20-10  7:31 am
MRSA in earsbassetlady22 2-16-10  9:29 pm
Plucking infected earslouie2-14-10  6:39 pm
Please tell me what you are using on your faces!natesmate13 10-20-09  6:48 am
What the?diggetydog9-14-09  10:51 pm
Part of dogs ear lost becasue of a BOW!bassetlady14 9-14-09  8:26 pm
Brown gunky eye dischargedoggygirl9-3-09  8:59 pm
All Groomer's beware.....Eye issues with Frenchy, Shih Tzu, Bulldog...pawspa8-23-09  11:53 am
Eye popped outbowwowwheels31 7-9-09  7:02 am
Ear mitesedderland6-3-09  5:04 pm
Corrective surgery?scullysmom19-11-08  10:24 am
Pressure Spot?doggygirl6-21-08  4:56 am
Jerry's eyesdoggygirl6-7-08  5:24 am
Pseudomonasgone2dogs5-18-08  8:36 am
Gunky, crusty eyes sandy10 3-19-08  8:31 pm
Meibomian gland tumourdoggygirl2-2-08  3:05 pm
Eye Scratchdaryl1-11-08  6:40 pm
Ear mites in puppies earpupawheelie11-12-07  8:31 pm
Bulldog mix , cronic ear infectioinborzoimom9-5-07  8:46 am
Hemetomaprogroom7-5-07  9:49 am
Shaking head after earhair removalannie_in_ny5-28-07  1:40 pm
Today I saw the hairiest ears EVERvivilee39 5-27-07  11:46 pm
Does removing ear hair cause infection?tami10 5-12-07  10:16 am
Ear problemstherese5-11-07  8:26 pm
What could cause a westies ear to wilt or flap down??therese5-11-07  8:23 pm
Ear Hematomasdoggygirl16 3-15-07  4:20 pm
Cataractspupawheelie15 2-9-07  9:05 pm
Geriatric westie shaking headprogroom1-28-07  12:23 pm
Cloudy eye in my Pugdoggygirl10-18-06  4:24 pm
Unbelievable Results!luvpuppyo8-17-06  10:24 pm
HELP!!! corneal abrasion...winterroo8-16-06  7:36 am
Bilateral Distichiasis... in a ShitZupasobrio5-13-06  12:52 pm
Ear infectionsboubou58 9-30-05  8:28 pm
Bichon Ear Infectionthedotteddog8-6-05  10:17 pm
Oh no Doc what did I do?thedotteddog27 6-26-05  1:26 pm
Eye Problemsvalharly4-18-05  11:31 am
Peroxide in ears?rev4-6-05  1:15 pm
Can a human get pink eye from a dog?tngroomer1-31-05  12:13 am
Tearing in new Cocker Pupdoggygirl1-18-05  10:28 pm
Eyestracie5181-17-05  4:13 pm
Removing burs from Springer spaniels earsthedotteddog12-19-04  3:03 pm
Genetic/congenital eye disordersAmilyn11-22-04  9:20 pm
Eye crust darkangel_73711-16-04  9:43 pm
Cocker Crud??progroom10-22-04  7:37 am
Shaking head but NO discharge?doggygirl12 10-5-04  9:18 pm
Itchy eyes due to allergiesvalharly7-21-04  6:07 pm
Her whole eye is redpawfurmance5-31-04  8:04 pm
Pink Eye in Dogsneshane2-6-04  4:57 pm
ITCHY EYES rev9-21-03  6:25 pm
Pink eye suez8-25-03  6:17 am
Lower eyelid scratching eye, question. (Like Shar Pei's)doggygirl11 7-18-03  10:04 am
My pug has a red ear canal. clover7-1-03  6:28 pm
Hand out formsscottygirl4-19-03  2:02 pm
Douching Ears With Waterborzoimom3-2-03  11:20 pm
Vets pulling hair out of infected ears?Justine28 2-3-03  7:58 pm
OESD's bleeding earsFerurizonly9-15-02  9:05 pm
Infected ears on a bichon>>>Poof9-13-02  10:00 pm
5 Year Old Poodle "Seeing" ThingsRev9-10-02  6:23 pm
Hematomas in ears and shaking headkvp6-14-02  6:04 am
Head ShakingSuzanne/HappyDog6-5-02  11:20 am
Dog blinded by shampoo whitenerLeslie Easterwood, D6-4-02  12:50 am
Dr Eastwood...ANy ideas on why this cocker ear looks this way?Leslie Easterwood, D4-17-02  10:39 pm
PPM in 1 yr old dog.Leslie Easterwood, D11 3-23-02  1:25 am
Conjuctivitis in MastiffLeslie Easterwood, D16 3-17-02  11:12 pm
Another ear questionLeslie Easterwood, D1-26-02  4:24 pm
Cider vinegar for ear infections?Leslie Easterwood, D1-23-02  10:11 pm
Tear ducts removed!!Leslie Easterwood, D1-16-02  1:07 pm
Ear infection in a poodleLeslie Easterwood, D1-15-02  12:39 pm
Red ScleraLeslie Easterwood, D12-13-01  6:18 pm
Cauliflower ear in English BulldogLeslie Easterwood, D17 2-18-01  11:38 pm
Ulcerated eyeMsCaledonia29 12-11-00  12:50 pm
Blindness in my Jack Russelk9hairfairy11-21-00  10:40 pm
Third eye lidalexandra simon10-16-00  11:17 pm
Por tWater Dog EarsLeslie Easterwood, D11 10-15-00  5:28 pm
Weepy cocker eyesLeslie Easterwood, D5-1-00  8:38 pm
Inner Ear Infection In a Colliekim11-11-99  6:32 pm
Brittany with eye problemsLeslie Easterwood, D10-19-99  9:31 pm
Dry eyeLeslie Easterwood, D10-3-99  11:07 am
Nasal a dog's eye?????????Leslie Easterwood, D8-23-99  10:41 pm
Gangrenous Cocker Ear?Becky6-17-99  9:37 pm
Eye discharge in mini poodle 12-4-11  3:42 pm
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