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Questions about my mix breedtheposhpet5-23-11  6:56 am
I want my collie's hair to grow back!doggygirl15 8-13-10  12:30 pm
Wooly Siberian with too much coat, mattingall4paws52 7-26-10  5:17 pm
Suggestions for Grooming at Homeprogroom3-10-10  2:32 pm
Best way to remove mats in catsprogroom11-24-09  1:11 pm
What is this? OR What do you call this? groomnpoodles10-16-09  6:45 am
How to keep my Maltese's coat mat free? Please help!cass41 9-25-08  8:10 pm
Difficult samoyedfivestar7-25-08  8:42 pm
College helpclover10-9-06  7:13 pm
All owners need to read pleaseprogroom17 7-13-06  8:25 am
My Chows' Matted Coats?ktktcat13 7-8-06  7:22 pm
Dog mattsdogdayz154 6-28-06  6:52 pm
Ear cuts due to mattsthedotteddog10 4-17-06  8:51 pm
GROOMERS matt information handoutGroomsAtHome23 4-12-06  8:31 pm
Polyurethane in shih tzu coatmiamya10-12-05  12:55 pm
Care of OES in between grooming appointmentsrobynmichaels10-10-05  5:05 pm
Any Suggestions for My Giant?darkangel_7378-30-05  8:03 pm
HELP with my Portugese Water Dog's matts???troopers_mom31 8-17-05  9:51 pm
What to do for maintenance?borzoimom6-26-05  7:25 pm
Please Help with my Karakachanhelen__sara12-26-04  1:33 pm
Grooming a wounded dogdoggygirl8-6-04  6:50 pm
Burs out of a dog?loebee19 5-15-04  9:02 pm
Kuvasz Mattsdiamondog4-21-03  9:29 pm
Sweaters and mattingKate12-25-00  7:14 pm
Dog hair matting by collarShedog4-3-00  10:54 am
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