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Correct shampoo for Shih Tzu distinctivedog25 1-6-10  6:18 pm
8 month old rescue with grooming questionsdoggygirl11-16-08  7:12 am
Maltese/ Pekingnese Mix grooming puppyprincessfoofoo2u65 6-26-08  9:17 pm
Giant Schnauzer Stripping groominchick4-24-08  7:28 pm
Plucking ears on puppyanimalhouse10-22-07  3:12 pm
Bouvier Puppy questionssmartnpretty8-11-07  7:45 pm
Questions about pomeranian puppydoggygirl16 2-19-07  6:18 pm
First groomingkarenv2-17-07  6:07 pm
Norfolk terrierkittywitty11-16-06  11:23 am
Castration and hair!!annie_in_ny11-13-06  5:17 pm
Coton de Tulearcoquihalla15 6-13-06  11:08 am
Cutting Lhasaese Puppy When?ilovemypitbull5-6-06  9:39 pm
Which breed would you suggest?gone2dogs14 11-6-05  1:41 pm
Shave hair for little hair puppy?robynmichaels10 10-31-05  4:10 pm
Grooming my Cocker Spaniel Puppyrobynmichaels10 10-22-05  5:24 pm
Wire Fox Terrierdawg5-18-05  9:48 am
Bad first groom experiencepinkpoodle13 9-17-03  6:04 pm
When to bathe a boxer puppy?dawg9-3-03  8:00 am
Cockapoopoodlepaws8-24-03  4:25 pm
Cockapoo puppysammy and owner10 7-19-03  8:48 pm
Teaching Shih Tzu Pu to accept grooming in face area.Ange11-26-02  9:42 pm
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