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  Thread Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Help Lucy Schnoodlewhaleyf81 3-29-11  8:15 pm
Suggestions for mixed breed terrier cutamysuz12 1-10-11  1:03 pm
Grooming labradoodlesgroomnpoodles36 10-3-09  5:44 pm
HELP WITH HEADS. PLEASEadmin7-7-09  9:26 pm
"Lions Cut" on Sheltieadmin6-10-09  7:34 am
Many questions concerning face/fur of cockapoowizardofpaws9-26-08  2:55 pm
Yorkie maltesenakedbacon6-3-08  3:08 pm
Anyone with a Jack-a-Poo?pugpoodledog3-24-08  7:04 pm
Help! Need advice on cut and breed?wizardofpaws3-15-08  10:15 pm
Shitzu Bichon Crossdoggygirl14 3-4-08  4:52 pm
No dry brushing/combing?groomnpoodles12-21-07  7:58 am
Pom-a-Poo grooming help needed.......wizardofpaws11-13-07  11:56 am
Help!!!! Oily yorkie-poo!!!!! doggygirl11-1-07  5:35 pm
How can a Goldendoodle be groomed?bbird53 8-14-07  6:32 pm
Chow/Huskey groomingsandy7-13-06  1:24 pm
What is this?theposhpet23 7-5-06  5:53 pm
Great Pyrenees/Akita Mixdogdayz7-4-06  5:01 pm
Lhasa bichon mix, using andis clipperleslie4413 4-29-06  8:16 pm
Newbie questions on grooming Huskydiamondog4-21-06  2:15 am
Poodle / X ... which clip?tsmith10954-6-06  7:58 am
Rotti Chow mixnkswen17 3-16-06  8:09 am
PomapooAmberdawn11-2-05  4:24 pm
Boarder collie mixwattadog22 10-20-05  9:41 am
Grooming a Shi*Zu-Schnauzer who's afraid of clippers.melon14 10-4-05  4:46 pm
Shih tzu mix?debbief15 7-26-05  9:03 am
Grooming a Maltese/PekingeseMoMos_Sis6-20-05  1:35 pm
Grooming a Chow/Lab MixJULIEANNE5-17-05  3:15 pm
Grooming a shih tzu/poodle Mat2-27-05  7:36 am
Grooming a Terrier-Poodle Mixrev14 2-20-05  12:43 pm
Grooming a border terrier/poodle? (like wheaten terrier, w/ PICTURE...lolita1-24-05  12:42 pm
How should I groom a "sled dog"?sockov5-17-04  1:30 am
Gordon Setter/Golden Retreiverwattadog3-18-04  3:56 pm
Cock-a-pooRebaR2-8-04  10:14 pm
Need advice on how to say itsadiesmom15 5-22-03  4:21 pm
Trimming faces on shave downsc.cairn12-13-02  9:15 pm
GroomingShampoochie9-9-02  5:10 pm
TRIMMING A POM/CHI MIXRev7-1-02  5:02 pm
Newfie/Lab Mix - first time summer cut!Gigi Gazon6-12-02  3:38 pm
Briard cross???Pam and Gaven, the w12-25-01  4:00 pm
Grooming a Srpinger Spaniel/Black Lab Clipnk99-26-00  8:23 pm
Bichon grooming video?Tammie5-29-00  7:58 pm
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