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Help with schnauzer beardgone2dogs2-17-10  5:27 pm
How to maintain fluffy furnishings on a schnauzerprogroom11-29-08  9:06 am
Wire Fox Terrier groomer in Portland, OR area?rene12 4-29-07  3:47 am
Mini schnauzer groominggroomnpoodles19 4-15-07  4:51 pm
Eye grooming?ronroncito8-20-06  8:41 pm
How to trim a snorkieKellyA11 6-23-06  11:10 am
Westie coat change after neutering?suez4-19-06  7:15 pm
Grooming a Westiedoggygirl4-13-06  6:04 pm
How to trim Mini Schnauzer and Whenferurizonly44 4-11-06  7:28 pm
Airedale Pup-Need Advice for grooming Please!mjm3-30-06  10:03 am
Wirehair FoxterrierVal0110-12-05  12:59 am
How to groom a wired hair fox terrierwiredachs19 9-19-05  1:41 pm
GROOMING TERRIERS HELP!!pam21ela9-14-05  6:58 pm
Grooming a Soft Coated Wheatenanimalmad8-31-05  5:56 am
Grooming a Scottish Terrier's Facescottygirl7-17-05  6:21 am
Bumps with pus - appeared after groomingtoxon33 4-27-05  11:22 am
New terrier pup owner/need helptsmith10954-8-05  10:42 pm
Grooming an airedale terrierloves4-7-05  10:13 pm
Needed to buy "white grooming chalk" for Westiemgreenwell@kyol.net10-13-04  9:10 am
Which stripping knives to use?particentral9-13-04  1:18 pm
Kerry BlueSM Erting1-29-04  6:48 pm
Grooming a dandi dinmont terrieryllek12-13-03  11:32 am
Schnauzer Puppy Cut ferurizonly20 4-7-03  7:25 am
Long-hair Jack RussellTopdogette1-4-03  6:04 pm
Grooming a soft coated wheaten terrierWheaties10-1-02  6:54 pm
Scottish Terrier Grooming QuestionCdnenya7-27-01  5:25 pm
How do I find a well Trained Groomer for a Westie in the Los Angel...Yorkees3-14-01  3:29 pm
How do I strip my welsh terrierYorkees3-3-01  8:53 pm
Advise on grooming 12 week old WestieB. Bellamy2-1-01  11:43 am
Welsh TerrierJoseph Smith5-7-00  12:32 am
Stripping older cairn's coat Thistle1-23-00  4:53 pm
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