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Remodeling - tub and bathing system ideasprogroom4-17-11  7:18 am
Dog Bathinggigharbor26 4-16-11  10:04 pm
IYO what is the cutest Shih tzu cut...3dogs12 3-18-11  6:29 pm
Shaving my own catsbugi42 8-25-10  7:37 am
Wahl vs. Andis clippersamysuz6-4-10  6:08 pm
Tiny Trimmergone2dogs17 5-22-10  1:06 pm
Andis AGC or AGP what s the difference?redbaron10-2-09  1:42 pm
Clipper recommendations please?progroom17 9-30-09  4:32 pm
Shower Sprayergroomor9-26-09  10:29 am
Problems with comb attachmentprogroom12 8-4-09  6:05 am
Dubl Duck Mercedes 14SC Curved Shear 7.5 Inchlindalp4-28-09  3:26 pm
Clipping For Summerwizardofpaws4-23-09  6:12 pm
New present for me for Xmasmagnolia11-29-08  10:31 pm
Grooming arms or other restraintsslocumridge11-25-08  8:45 am
How to use a HV dryer on the dogs head?!?!?scissorart8-1-08  9:01 pm
Hair Bowstopdogette7-15-08  10:20 pm
Andis Super ACG 2sp vs Ultraedge 2sptrotter97-15-08  1:07 pm
Dryer choice--opinions pleasepapsnpaints18 4-18-08  10:12 am
The $700 Groom - SAY WHAT !!!!scullysmom111 3-16-08  8:32 pm
Disinfecting brusheswizardofpaws2-6-08  2:03 pm
Tools for At Home Poodle Groomingfireislandmuffin21 1-29-08  10:42 pm
Some poodle questions!wizardofpaws12-28-07  2:44 pm
Tools for husky and Aussie (my husky stinks!)jewlieee10-18-07  8:23 am
Small Clipper & Combs For Shih Tzu'sannie_in_ny9-24-07  4:53 pm
Help! (for an idiot with her first clippers)jamiedolan9-23-07  10:29 pm
Re: blade vs comb attachments for inexperienced clipper(er)patnoreen7-29-07  9:03 am
#7 blade seems hard to cut with, is this right?bbird12 7-29-07  8:53 am
Trimming Shih Tzu Dogsjamiedolan10 7-28-07  12:17 am
Best dryer for 2 Siberian Huskies.enemytosleep7-25-07  5:43 pm
Poodle heads and clipsmboyle18 7-5-07  4:06 pm
Texturizer __ Blender Shears for Bichon tfbichon6-1-07  8:55 pm
Bichon _and_clipper blades, blenders, curved shears, $$$$$tfbichon13 5-27-07  9:03 pm
Scissor advice for Bichon 'mommy'patnoreen5-23-07  8:34 pm
Finishing Clipperskellyv5-20-07  11:19 am
Deciding on the best dryer for non-professional grooming at home...annie_in_ny33 4-2-07  4:33 pm
My First Grooming Tablepampurdpups4-2-07  10:04 am
Tools For Grooming a Std Poodledoggiestlist18 1-19-07  1:00 am
Tools for Labradoodleshearmadness33 12-23-06  11:56 pm
What are snap on combs for?annie_in_ny7-11-06  6:09 am
Grooming my Lhasas at home?handstripper5-19-06  6:44 pm
Toolsdawg23 5-4-06  8:42 am
Booster bathdede4-18-06  6:18 pm
Tools for Airedale care at homelakeishapug3-31-06  8:10 am
Metro FlexDRI Airflow--opinions?loves3-28-06  8:57 am
Drying / Grooming Length of time to animal fatiugemikey21 10-30-05  8:19 am
Oster A5 2 speed and Cock a Poo rpg10-8-05  5:51 am
Grooming tablejahra10-5-05  7:08 am
Correct brush for Tzupasobrio9-30-05  10:58 pm
When You Can No Longer Afford the Groomers?heinz5716 9-8-05  3:28 pm
Andis Pet Pro home vs. Andis 2 speed PRO ???Helpprogroom8-23-05  6:11 am
Cordless clipper recommendation?wattadog18 8-5-05  10:44 am
Lightweight clipper recommendationsborzoimom7-22-05  9:04 am
Single or 2-Speed Clippers for Home Use?spottydog7-6-05  6:38 pm
Flinching or pulling away with a quick twitch...dawg6-28-05  8:33 am
Metro Dryerssenkrah6-1-05  4:34 pm
Do Poodles need to be cut?a adams22 2-18-05  2:46 pm
Shears questionprogroom2-4-05  10:06 am
Metro Dryergail51-17-05  11:47 am
Home grooming of tibetan terrierscaz00712-22-04  4:08 pm
Tools For At Home Yorkie Groomingyorkielady10 12-23-03  12:35 am
Drying at home?Traci16 4-23-02  9:10 am
Where can I buy a lava rock for my Lab's coat?kk19 1-6-02  1:22 pm
Clipping out hair between the pads of the footRev4-29-01  1:54 am
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