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  Thread Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Changing service requestschilly2-1-12  1:42 pm
Respect for groomers from customercute_cuts14 1-31-12  8:09 am
Looking for old postwizardofpaws12-3-10  9:46 am
Renting a table/spacebrianna586-22-10  9:47 pm
What is the best shampoo for White dogs?poodlepuppy27 6-22-10  4:25 pm
Thinking About Becoming a Groomer.....brianna5815 6-22-10  12:28 pm
Finding a groomer to train mebrianna5812 6-22-10  12:20 pm
Looking for a vetncylou4-16-10  6:35 pm
I ENJOY THIS FORUM...taco_aqui13 4-12-10  1:28 pm
Any good shampoo for dog that gets hot spots?scullysmom112-6-09  5:35 pm
Help! How can I get short dog hair out of car interior??chuckles8-17-09  2:02 pm
Teaching Good Behavior on Grooming Tablebj_hend11-13-08  6:46 pm
Need groomers opinions on this onescullysmom156 10-14-08  8:38 pm
Tap water and stainingjayne6-5-08  11:32 pm
Halters and coatslakeishapug5-27-08  3:32 pm
Human/dog clippersjayne5-22-08  11:32 am
Bouvier clip4pawssake3-15-08  5:53 pm
Disguising dog's heat seasontsmith109511-1-07  7:59 pm
Bichon Poodle Mixprogroom4-27-07  6:47 am
White Coat Discoloration along mid-dorsal (back) of poodlesjushae11 2-19-07  7:13 am
A thank you to this board and need suggestion for a gift for specia...tngroomer13 1-16-07  7:46 pm
Dog's dry skindoggiestlist66 1-16-07  1:02 pm
Doggie sunscreen?handstripper16 7-18-06  5:27 pm
Dandruff??page10 7-14-06  7:50 am
Miniature poodle tried to bite his groomertravelin_mac28 7-8-06  9:10 pm
Dogs that don't smell doggiethedotteddog35 9-29-05  12:54 am
My dogs breathrev4-23-04  12:10 am
Advice for previously-abused rescue dogDownunder Doglover13 4-12-04  7:13 am
Moving... advise on etiquette of changing groomerssuez3-9-04  4:40 pm
Gift for groomerpalms22 2-25-03  12:36 pm
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