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I stink at beveling & doing pompomswizardofpaws7-11-11  10:32 am
Help! Expressing Anal Glands in a toy poodle kbblmb4-18-11  3:05 pm
How can I safely dye my poodle blue, lime or pink?groomor66 9-20-10  9:32 pm
Is my 8 week Giant schnauzers coat ruinedprogroom7-9-09  6:26 am
Shampooscullysmom14-30-09  9:55 pm
Shampoo dilution ratio...lindalp4-29-09  9:58 pm
Puppy cut for Saint Bernard???lail384-7-09  10:17 am
Edemco dryerkitty3-31-09  9:07 pm
Dying my dog. need help pleaseannie_in_ny3-11-09  6:52 pm
Seeking groomer in/near Las Cruces, NMmerrybee1-3-09  9:23 am
Third arm for dryerrpg10-24-08  7:56 am
Payment for groomingdoggygirl40 10-24-08  5:30 am
Microfiber towels?bowwowwheels9-26-08  10:48 pm
Wet shaving??groomertrue6-23-08  3:53 pm
Bear spots after shavingshearmadness3-14-08  1:43 pm
Need advise on not leaving clipper linesluvmyboys3-9-08  11:48 pm
Shop owners responsibilitiesedugroomer3-8-08  10:08 pm
Leaving in Conditionerwinnies_dad3-6-08  1:27 pm
Can someone tell me the difference ....cliper blades...gone2dogs12 3-4-08  7:12 pm
Too soon to groomgraciela2-12-08  8:18 pm
Anal Sacsnkswen86 1-31-08  3:54 am
Intensifying coat colorscrubapup1-28-08  10:15 pm
Sweet Smelling dogslouie16 12-30-07  9:10 pm
Standard poodle puppygroom1238-6-07  7:47 am
Dog won't let groomer clip his face or front pawspapsnpaints5-13-07  5:57 pm
Should whiskers be cut on a dog?diamondog53 11-2-06  11:00 pm
Groomers sedating ?groominchick15 10-1-06  10:28 pm
Grooming after neutering or spayingdoggygirl7-13-06  3:54 am
Force Air Dryer Fearfluff_npuff7-8-06  5:37 am
Clipper Attachment Lengthsprogroom6-10-05  5:57 am
Shaved too short,= hot spotsspottydog12 5-17-05  8:34 am
Fussy/Snippy DogMikki's Mommy aka Lo4-11-05  9:42 pm
Why wont blades go through dogs coat? laurie8-25-04  9:59 pm
Best means to remove burrs from dogsrpg8-11-04  11:07 pm
Dog won't sit stillvalharly15 7-9-04  7:31 pm
Help! - Housetraining a puppyrev5-2-03  4:10 pm
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