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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)doggygirl134 2-4-08  7:16 pm
TRIMMING NAILSgroomor327 17 3-11-10  7:47 pm
STAINS AND STICKY STUFFmerrybee260 15 5-2-11  10:39 pm
ODORSwolfhound166 16 5-2-09  7:54 pm
MATTS & TANGLEStheposhpet457 26 5-23-11  6:56 am
EAR CAREtaco_aqui141 12-20-10  5:56 pm
CAT GROOMINGconnieg59243 23 8-13-10  8:55 pm
GROOMING SPECIFIC BREEDSjustxanotherxpom2123 197 8-13-10  10:48 pm
MIXED-BREED GROOMINGwhaleyf480 43 3-29-11  8:15 pm
PUPPIESdistinctivedog235 22 1-6-10  6:18 pm
SHEDDING4pawssake185 9-22-06  7:46 pm
HOME GROOMING AND TOOLSprogroom634 67 4-17-11  7:18 am
ABOUT PROFESSIONAL GROOMERS & GROOMINGzitasmama410 20 6-2-08  11:22 pm
OTHER GROOMING QUESTIONSwizardofpaws443 40 7-11-11  10:32 am
OTHER TOPICSchilly442 34 2-1-12  1:42 pm
  ClosedClosed: New threads not accepted on this page        

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