The pet bather works in the bathing department and reports directly to the bathing department supervisor. He/she is an integral part of the team concept cooperating with the other departments to provide quality pet service.


If a practical examination is required, the applicant will be paid an hourly wage for its duration. Upon selection the applicant is asked to sign introductory employment and confidentially agreements. A standard employment agreement is signed after successful completion of the introductory period.


The pet bather (PB) is responsible to bathe and dry pets meeting the salon standards of a "humane bath and dry." He/she follows given bathing instructions and gives medicated baths according to supervisor instructions.

The PB carefully brushes and combs the pet to remove tangles and knots. He/she then clips and smoothes the nails and cleans the ears. Then proceeds with the bathing of the pet. During the bath, the rectal area is to be properly cleansed. Any eye tearing is to be removed. After the bath, he/she uses a blow dryer to fluff and straighten the pet's coat in a manner instructed by his/her supervisor. After the bath the PB re combs to ensure no tangles, Pulls any ear hair, and finishes the pet with a bandana or bow.

The PB inspects the condition of each pet's skin and coat for external parasites, sores, cuts, or any condition requiring special treatment. He/she reports any suspect health conditions, or behavior problems on the provided information paper, and/of to his/her supervisor.

He/she is expected to be able to complete two to three baths in each hour worked, when averaged over the day worked after three months training and experience.

The PB is responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the salon's equipment and tools, and the cleanliness of the bathing department, along with the washing and drying of used towels. The PB is responsible to keep cages cleaned and sanitized between the use of each pet, along with the cleaning and sanitation of brushes, tubs, countertops, and grooming tables.

Additional miscellaneous duties will be assigned by the manager as needed, which include but are not limited to cleaning behind cages, bringing pets to the holding area from the client, cleaning air conditioner filter, dilution of shampoos, holding pet for groomer.


The Employee Handbook: Every employee is expected to comply with the employee policies and procedures contained in the Employee Handbook. Included are standards of performance for personal appearance, shop safety, attendance policy, emergency procedures.

Job Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluations, the basis for job security, promotions, and pay raises, are given twice a year in March and September.

Work Schedule: Days and Hours:____________________________________________

Compensation: The position is part time_____ full time_____. Compensation is by hourly wage beginning at $_________per hour. After your first 30 days, it is increased to $_________ per hour. The rate of pay increases to $_________ per hour after your succession of your 90 day probationary period. The rate of compensation is then evaluated based on Job Performance evaluation reports.

Paid holidays: There are five paid holidays, which you qualify for after having worked here for 90 days. They are as follows: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. You must have been employed for 90 days and you must work your scheduled workday before and after the paid holiday in order to qualify.

Paid Vacation: Part time employees are eligible for three (3) paid days vacation, after one year completion of employment from his/her anniversary date of hire, based on the individuals average earnings. Full time employees are eligible for five (5) paid days vacation, after one-year completion of employment from his/her anniversary date of hire, based on the individuals average earnings. To qualify, you must work your scheduled workday before and after the paid vacation. You must give, in writing, request for time off; at least three (3) weeks prior to requested time off. You must consider peek season.

Bathing/grooming own Pets: You are allowed to use the facilities to bathe/groom your own pet, one time a week, on your own time, using your own consumable supplies. You can not do this during your scheduled work time.

Retail discounts: Employees receive a 20% discount on all retail items for sale with the exception of pet foods, Advantage flea control, Front Line flea control.

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