Employment agreement between____________________________Company, and _______________________, employee.
Grooming Company entered into an employer/employee relationship with ___________________, as of _________DATE.
The following is a job description and the terms of employment.

The employee will work between ____ and ____ hours per week, Monday through Friday, with occasional Saturday work, to be mutually agreed upon. Pay will be an hourly wage (beginning wage $____hour). Pay days will be on the First(1st) and Sixteenth (16th) of the month, or the next following working day. Other compensation will include ___ hours per year of sick pay and ____hours per year of vacation pay. Vacation pay and sick pay do not accrue past December 31 of any given year. The employer is not required to pay the employee for any unused portion of sick and annual leave at the termination of employment.

The Employer also undertakes to train the employee to be a finish-groomer during employment. At such time that the employee undertakes to complete the testing requirements for certification by one of the groomers’ associations providing such tests, the employer will pay the applicable test fee, if the employee is still then employed by the company.

Duties will include: greeting customers, escorting dogs to kennels, brushing and bathing dogs, and generally preparing dogs for grooming, All handling of animals is to be done under instruction and direction by the Groomer, to the specifications of the Groomer. The employee will assist in keeping the grooming areas clean, namely and chiefly the kenneling, bathing, and haircutting areas. Other duties may include general office duties, such as telephone answering, computer data maintenance, or other occasional projects not specifically listed. Occasional assistance in the Day Care area may also be requested, but is not required. If assistance is given by the employee in the Day Care area, the same hourly wage will be paid for that work.

Non-competition Agreement To Grooming Company: I am an employee of Grooming Company, a (State) Corporation, henceforth to be referred to as “the company.” The company has developed know-how, good will, sources of supply, customer, and other trade secrets and confidential information not generally known to others engaged in similar business. I agree that the company is entitled to be protected from the possibility that I may seek to become associated with a business that competes with this company. This would be unfair competition, because I have knowledge about Grooming Company including its trade secrets and other confidential information. I therefore agree as follows:

  1. During the period of my employment with the company and for a period of 2 years from the termination of my employment for any reason, I shall not directly or indirectly, either as an equity owner(except for the ownership of stock in any corporation whose stock is listed on the New York or American Stock Exchange),employee, independent contractor, salesperson, consultant, director, lender, or in any other capacity, engage in or be interested in any business that competes with the business of Grooming Company in a 10 miles radius of the location in which it conducts business.
  2. I shall not, directly, at any time use or disclose to any person or organization any trade secrets or other confidential information relating to the company's business relationship between Grooming Company and any of its customers or suppliers. I also shall not solicit for employment any person in the company's business.
  3. I acknowledge that if I violate this agreement, I will cause severe and irreparable injury to the company's business and good will, an injury that is not adequately compensable by money damages Accordingly, in the event of a breach (or threatened or attempted breach) of this agreement, Grooming Company shall, in addition to any other rights and remedies at law, be entitled to immediate appropriate injunctive relief or a decree of specific performance of this agreement.
  4. If this agreement shall be held by a court to be invalid or unenforceable because it is too broad in any respect, the agreement shall be narrowed by the court to the extent required to be enforceable.
  5. This agreement shall be assignable by Grooming Company in connection with any sale of the company's business. This agreement is governed by (State) law.
  6. I agree that I have read the company's conflict- of- interest policy and agree to abide by that policy.
  7. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and any promise or inducement, oral or in writing, that is not contained in this Agreement shall be of no force or effect.


_______________________________Employee Signature

_______________________________ Grooming Company Signature

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