_______________________ hereby agrees to exercise all due reasonable care to prevent injury or illness to the dog(s), to provide safe and sanitary conditions, proper, regular feeding and watering, and any other services agreed upon by the owner and kennel. However, if the opinion of __________________________, the dog(s) becomes seriously ill or injured, reasonably demanding quick action, the undersigned owner hereby grants to ___________________________ the rights to make the determination that veterinary care is required or not required, to procure such medical attention if deemed necessary, to administer medicine, and to take any other steps judged by ____________________________ to be necessary and in the best interests of the dog(s). The owner agrees the he/she will be responsible for any such expenses, being reasonable in amount, and will pay for such expenses.

All dogs are boarded or otherwise handled or cared for by ________________________ without liability on the part of the kennel for loss or damage from diseases or injury, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other dogs, or property by said dog(s), or other unavoidable cause, due diligence and care having been executed. The undersigned owner is hereby offered the right to inspect the Kennel premises and understand Kennel procedures, and holds __________________________ harmless for any injury or illness to themselves, their companions on the premises, and to their dog, due diligence and care having been executed to assure safety.

The undersigned owner hereby agrees to pay all boarding charges, veterinary or medication expenses, and all coast for any property damage or personal injury caused by the dog(s) during it stay. All expenses will be paid before the dog(s) leaves the kennels premises. Owner understands and agrees that ________________________ shall have the right, privilege, and power to withhold re-delivery of any animal until his board and any other expenses have been paid, to apply any additional boarding costs incurred prior to payment, and to sell or otherwise dispose of, in its own absolute discretion, any dog(s) for which expenses have become past due and unpaid for more that seven (7) days; the amount so realized by said Kennel, if any, after deducting the coast of said sale or disposal and any additional boarding charges incurred during the interim, to be applied to said overdue expenses and the balance returned to the owner.

The dog(s) will not be taken off the premises except by the cosent of the owner, or in the case of medical emergency or other emergency threatening to the well being of the dog(s)