We all enjoy working with healthy, happy, well-adjusted pets. There is absolutely no reason for any pet to hate their grooming sessions. It has been my experience that if a pet has trouble with grooming, it is simply because it has been mismanaged in some way. More often than not, it is because it is not done often enough. Or possibly the pet's coat had been badly neglected it's first few groomings, which required long stressful grooming sessions. This is a hard thing for a pet to recover from.

In the case that we have a pet that is difficult to groom for any reason, we will suggest the easiest clip (usually short) for obvious reasons. There will likely be an extra charge also because of the extra time that is usually required for difficult grooms. A little time and patience, and regular, positive grooming sessions will allow the pet to eventually mellow and calm down about grooming.

Matted and neglected coats on pets will require an extra charge. Also, a very short clip. There is no compromise on this matter. We do only humane grooming here at _______________________ so please do not expect us to brush out a severely matted and tangled coat. We are happy to provide you with free lessons on how to brush your pet after the hair starts to grow back - just give us a call.

Lastly, but most important: we are all human here. Some of our days are better than others. This job isn't always easy. We have come into this profession because of our love of animals. Forgive us if we make them our number one priority--yes even over people! The grooming schedule for each individual dog is approximate. This is a very upredictable business, so please be patient about this. We do not keep them here any longer than we have to, and if we feel rushed, our work may be compromised.

1996, Ann Vinkler......GN2DGS@aol.com