Here's one I need your opinions on.
We have an elderly lady with a min poodle, Great dog to do! Lady always tips my groomer $10.00 every time! Problem is the dogs teeth are so rotten and funky!! We have been telling her for over a year that she has to get the dog to the vet and have its teeth worked on! She says that her husband doesn't believe in vets and won't spend the money on a dogs teeth!! We have even told her that the dog is going to die from blood poisoning from the bacteria in the gums! No effect at all. I'm ready to tell her not to bring the dog back until it's teeth are looked at because it is heartbreaking to us to see the dog in that condition.Opinions? Suggestions?
If she's that sweet, and cares that much for the dog..maybe you could mention that it's an issue of reportable neglect..or even abuse....Joan
For any Groomer who grooms a dog with bad (heavy tartar build-up, etc) teeth....if the owner refuses to do anything you must , for YOUR own safety, refuse to do the dog until the teeth have been attended to. I speak from experience. One of my clients, (her dog has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge) refused to have her dog's teeth done, because she was too old. During a Grooming session, Muffy accidentally scratched my hand with a canine tooth. I immediately washed the area, scrubbed with antiseptic, but still ended up with a very badly infected hand. I was unable to groom for 4 days, because my hand had swelled up like a baseball glove. Was on antibiotics for two weeks. The $25.00 I earned for her groom was not enough to pay for the medication, never mind the pain & lost wages. So, be concerned for your own health & safety, as well as the dogs'. The owner might be more willing to get dentistry done if they are approached this way. I know this has worked for me since this incident.
I have quite a few old dogs with bad teeth. Or at least I used to. When they are that bad, I quit grooming the face, either with clippers or scissors. I tell the client that the dogs won't hold still for the clippers as the vibration around the mouth hurts the dogs and they move too much. I tell them it feels to the dog like a bad tooth with an exposed roots feels to a human. Then I tell them it is like tapping that tooth with a metal rod or something. That usually works and the dogs gets it teeth clean. Whether it is that senerio, or they hate their dog with a messy face it usually works. Most clients are worrried about aneth. on an old dog and that is why they don't have them cleaned. I work in a dental specialty clinic and I tell them how safe it is for them (if their vet is up to date with new aneth. equipment). Every dog is at risk when put under, but I tell them how I do the teeth on my older (10-16yrs old) afghans, and let them see what a clean mouth on an older dogs looks and smells like. You really do have to be careful if you know their vet doesn't have the new aneth, and check blood work, and use fluids on these old guys. But, some of these dogs need to be done even if kidneys and liver are compromised as the teeth will do them in anyway. IMHO